Matisse On The Loose

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by Georgia Bragg
Young Matisse Jones has finally come face to face with the work of his famous namesake, the painter Henri Matisse. The museum where his mother works as the head of security is hosting an exhibit of the great French artist. Matisse thought it would be cool to hang his own artwork-a copy of Henri's famous painting, Portrait of Pierre Matisse-on the museum wall just for a minute. But a tour group comes in and thinks Matisse's copy is the real thing! So now Matisse's painting hangs in the museum, while the priceless original hangs on the eccentric Jones family's den wall. How does a mild-mannered sixth grader get himself into such a terrible mess and, more importantly,how does he get himself out of it?
Georgia Bragg's well-crafted story of a boy's dilemma and the consequences of a single action make for an entertaining read. In the end, Matisse learns to accept his zany family and to discover his own artistic path-important lessons for any young reader.

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